The Students' Union is managed by the board, appointed annually by the General Assembly, and by the Secretary General, appointed by the board, who manages the office and acts as the foreman of other potential staff.

Common contact details:

Company ID: 2813130-1

Mailing address:
Selkämerenkuja 1A, PL 183, 00181 Helsinki

Office address:
Asemamiehenkatu 4, 00520 Helsinki

Jesse Kankanen

Chair of the Board

Responsible for all of the operations of the Union. Chair of the Advocacy Committee and the primary representative of the Union in the meetings of the body of representatives for Trade Union Pro.

Sanna Törrönen

Vice-chair of the Board

Responsible for coordinating all of the events of the Union. Chair of the Communications Committee, deputy representative to the Trade Union's body of representatives and the Union's representative at the Trade Union Pro's Youth Forum. Responsible for the operations in Eastern and Central Finland.

Teemu Appelgren

Member of the Board

Member of the Board, Helsinki and Uusimaa

Khanh Vu

Member of the Board

Member of the Board, International affairs

Robin Valli

Member of the Board

Member of the Board, Ostrobothnia and Northern Finland

Mikko Kaarlela

Member of the Board

Member of the Board, Ostrobothnia and Northern Finland