Membership at the Students’ Union of Trade Union Pro is a future professional’s choice! Our members are also members at Trade Union Pro and entitled to the same membership benefits as other members of the union are, but with a cost of 0€ for the duration of your studies!

Trade Union Pro is a union of highly skilled managers and specialists covering fields from finance to technology and from media to transport. The trade union provides you with a great variety of benefits as well as negotiates over 60 collective bargaining agreements, has a network of more than 100,000 members and manages an unemployment fund!

As a member you’re entitled to benefits such as:


Travel insurance, which covers short-term travel across the globe. And if you’re going on to an exchange or an internship program abroad, you can have your insurance extended for up to 90 days!

To be insured under our insurance policy you must be a permanent resident of Finland and have your KELA insurance card as proof of residence. For more, contact our board or the Trade Union




Personal coaching by UP! Partners, a Finnish company specializing in helping our members find job opportunities, helping them to prepare for an interview, assisting in planning out your career and polishing up your CVs, LinkedIn resumes and cover letters.

To find out more about UP! Partners, visit their website at




Insurance in case of accidents, provided by the insurance company Turva. The insurance covers accidents occurring outside the workplace or the school/university, as in those places you’re covered by the employer’s or the school’s insurance plan.

There are a number of other benefits for our members, check them out at