Students’ Union of Trade Union Pro: Internship salaries to CBAs

The General Annual Meeting of the Students’ Union of Trade Union Pro expresses its concern about the misuse of the internship system and the effect it is having on the income development of the young generations and the financing of the students’ life. The Students’ Union of Trade Union Pro views a mention of internship salaries within Collective Bargaining Agreements as crucial.

– The practice of using interns as unpaid labor is regrettably common and makes it more difficult for the students to finance their studies, states Tomi Peltonen, the chair of the board.

– It is unbearable that students may face a full day’s worth of work at their internship and then have to head to another job to provide themselves with a sustainable income.

The Students’ Union of Trade Union Pro requests the Trade Union to bring the rights of the interns to the negotiations for the new Collective Bargaining Agreements and encourages other trade unions to do the same.

The Students’ Union of Trade Union Pro held its General Annual Meeting on 9.12.2016 in Helsinki, where a new board and new chairs were appointed and the meeting ruled on the budget and Plan of Action for 2017. The General Annual Meeting also decided to apply for a support membership at Seta ry. The Students’ Union of Trade Union Pro is Trade Union Pro’s student organization, representing students studying in universities and vocational schools towards managerial and specialist professions.


Additional information:

Tomi Peltonen

Chair of the Board
Students’ Union of Trade Union Pro

tel. 040 361 3092

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