EGM: Towards reforms in the fall

The Students’ Union of Trade Union Pro (Pro-opiskelijat ry) held its Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at the union’s offices at Pasila, Helsinki, on 13.5.2017 at the end of the Actives’ Meet. The agenda consisted of the reforms that are planned in the fall, like rulings on what the union’s aims are regarding the amendments to the bylaws, the changes in the union’s organizational structure and to the communications reform. The EGM also ruled on changes to the communications of the union effective immediately.

The most visible of the EGM’s rulings is that the union’s name in Finnish changes to Opiskelijaliitto Pro (as opposed to Pro-opiskelijat), which reflects the coming change in the organizational structure and is in line with the name in English. The previous name roughly translated as ‘Pro-Students’, whereas the new name translates to the official English translation, Students’ Union of Trade Union Pro. To reflect the change the EGM ordered the board to reserve the domains, and and to design web services around those new domains.

The EGM also released Hanna Minkkinen and Tiia-Riina Ristseppä from the board as per their request, and appointed three new members of the board. The EGM expressed their gratitude to the departing members and welcomed the following new members:

Robin Valli studies towards a Bachelor of Business Management degree at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. Robin has previously been involved in another trade union before beginning a new career in business and marketing.

Mikko Kaarlela studies towards a Masters of Science (Economics) degree at the University of Vaasa. Mikko brings with him a wealth of knowledge of the Science University -sector of the Finnish University system and will be responsible for Ostrobothnia and Northern Finland along with Robin.

Teemu Appelgren studies towards a Bachelor of Construction Management degree at Saimaa University of Applied Sciences. Teemu has an extensive background in student organizations in both the local and the national level. Teemu will be taking over the union’s operations in the Helsinki and Uusimaa areas.

After the new members have been appointed, the current board stands as:

Tomi Peltonen, chair. Satakunta, Finland Proper and Central Finland

Sanna Törrönen, vice-chair. Eastern Finland and Central Finland

Khanh Vu International affairs

Teemu Appelgren Helsinki and Uusimaa

Mikko Kaarlela Ostrobothnia and Northern Finland

Robin Valli Ostrobothnia and Northern Finland


For additional details:

Tomi Peltonen, Chair of the Board, firstname.lastname(a)

Jesse Kankanen, Secretary General, firstname.lastname(a)

Jesse Kankanen

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