Resolution: Remove forced applications from young people

Application processes are a surefire sign of the beginning of summer, when thousands upon thousands of hopefuls are applying to universities and taking part in admission examinations across the country. The optimistic atmosphere is, however, overshadowed by the fact that many of those applying do not do that out of their free will. The forced applications, a requirement placed upon persons under 25 years of age that lack a professional degree, were originally meant to have a positive effect by decreasing the number of young people without a degree has turned on itself, placing unwilling participants in the same examination rooms as those that are doing their best to earn their place in the universities. These forced applicants place an additional strain on the already strained university application system.


The Finnish higher education system is in a state of constant change and currently the focus is on the application process. The main issue being debated is how the application process could be overhauled in such a way that the financial and operational strain on the universities could be reduced. Considering this objective it makes no sense to force applicants into the process, burdening the already strained system and demotivating those that are forced to apply to degrees they have no interest in studying.


The Students’ Union of Trade Union Pro states that this antiquated requirement be removed and that different methods be used to combat youth unemployment and social exclusion of young people. The requirement has already been removed from the fall applications and the universities still have multiple applicants for every potential degree place offered in the fall application period, which means that there is no basis from the point of view of universities to maintain this requirement.


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